The poster used to read, "Pinhole Workshops Every Monday 9-3".  But it's not just Mondays.  Groups are formed on any day to fit individual schedules and interests.  Except for those specifically designed for small children, workshops are for adults as well as children.     
    And it's not just photography.   The studio includes a 14" x 28"-bed etching press, book presses and equipment for working with metal.  There are also myriad shelves and drawers full of art materials.   This is a place for individual and group instruction: for adventurous beginners and professional artists to unleash hidden talents or hone skills and techniques.     

Belle.jpgPinhole Photography   Capture Deer Isle's eloquent landscape with cameras you've made from boxes off the kitchen shelf and photographs you develop in the darkroom.  It's pure magic!  The beautiful, soft-focus images will amaze you.  Extensions:  handcoloring and handmade book structures to showcase your prints.  No experience is needed. 

 The Inadvertent Artist's Book  A visual book evolves by embellishing paper with drawing, painting and printmaking; adding collage materials, pop-ups and text as desired; and sewing the pages into a classic cloth-covered binding.  My approach favors experimenting with materials, opening dialogues between visual and written texts, and building a repertoire of bookbinding skills.  
The Printed Book  We start with experimental printmaking on the etching press.  Then our prints are collapsed into a book structure, ready to be embellished and bound in a classic cloth case. 
Found Objects for Handmade Books  For the compulsive
scavanger! What serendipity to be found in humble treasures
as initial sparks for content and form with drawing, writing,
collage/assemblage and altered books.  
Windows and Doors  Handmade books make versatile little theaters. Explore delightful structures that will showcase your art and imagination in three dimensions. 
Just for Kids!  Printmaking off and on  the press.  Pinhole photography, from making cameras to developing in the darkroom.  Drawing from life. Making jazzy books.  Pop-ups and paper engineering.
Private lessons: $40/hr 
Darkroom:  $20/hr - includes chemistry (photopaper available at cost)